Day 170/365

Whilst sorting through hard drives I’ve been finding so many unshared images and unprocessed gems. I’ve always been extremely critical of my work and so wouldn’t release imagery as I never thought they were good enough. I also feared the critique I’d get as I’m self taught and was terrified everything was wrong… which to be fair would have actually helped me learn so much more, so much faster. Hindsight eh!

Anywho, these were taken whilst assisting Lucy Nuzum Photography for The Goddess Room close to two years ago :)

Model: Joanne Northey

Chloë x


90 Days Later…

Today I assisted Lucy Nuzum photograph this wedding and I couldn’t be happier to finish my 90 day project on a high. It’s rather sweet because as my extremely small journey ends, this couple are beginning a new bigger and brighter one. It was such an incredible day and from it I’ll possibly be able to put together a small ~Wedding Photography~ portfolio. Can’t thank Lucy enough for asking me to help out, I genuinely was honored.

I originally started this project with the intention of taking a photo a day for 90 days. It quickly turned into a post a day for 90 days which has left me with a photo diary of my entire summer. I have too many things I could say right now I’m honestly left with nothing. Simply thank you for checking out my photos or reading my rambles. Having an audience to share your work with really keeps you going :)

Over the next two weeks I’ll be focusing my time on college exams, but remember this is far from the end of my adventures or photo explorations. I have things in mind for regular postings, but while I’m in my study bubble I’ll post quick photos and rambles on my ‘facebook page‘. The full album with the ninety photos is on it, right ‘here‘. Huzzah :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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