Sister Act

Ciara isn’t just one of my best friends but is also someone I’d consder to be a part of my family. I literally see her like another sister and love her with all of my heart. Without her I havn’t a clue where I’d be. Seriously, she’s the business!! :)

Our birthdays are a few days apart too and so at her 21’st she did exacly what she did at her 18th and pulled me up for brithday cheers. Yet, even with the two of us we pathetically failed countless times to blow out the candles… guess we’ll just have to do take two when we’re 30 (or 22, im rather impatient) :P

The night was filled with a fridge full of beer and bowls upon bowls of marshmallows. There was also a piano rondevu and an unforgettable (yet very forgotten) trip upon a party bus. There was a face dive flat to the pavement (double time), and a wallet which was lost then found… THANK you Mr. Driver for finding/slash/returning it to me, the memory stick with all my college projects would have been a devistating loss… yes people, I am that retarded!

Anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cic’s, sorry it took me two weeks to get your photos up.

And ps. ‘You’re a good ol pal’ ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


Red Sunset Sky

I already did a brief ‘Merry Christmas’ post with the jist of my day, but the best part of the day wasn’t the presents, or (dare i say it) the Christmas dinner, but the walk i went upon with my family.

When I was younger we used to always go for walks along this pier, so going back all together was a joy in itself. There was a warmish breeze and a freshness to the air too. We walked with the wind and once at the end sat briefly on a bench before turning around and heading back to save the turkey from any possible charcoal state.

On the way back down the pier to the car, the sun behind us began to go down. My sister and I turned back just looked at the sky and went, ‘Wow’. I began to rant how I wish I could capture the beautiful sky as each photo didn’t remotely encapsulate mother natures wonder. Then, after multiple setting changes and a few test shots I got it. The sunset in all its glory. Love it!

These are my favourite photos to date, along with them being the first batch of photos that are completely manual.. Aperture; check… Exposure; check… WHITE BALANCE; check ;)

I shall have another post of the drive home as it too resulted in sunset gems. Part Two will be up tomorrow or the day after… or at least before the world ends ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Merry Christmas

Today was a blissful Christmas. It was simple, but it was great :)

At the start of this day we shared presents and started the food prep before all getting together and going for a walk down the pier. The sky was glorious which deserves an entire post of its own… still in wonder of the red sunset sky.

We then made the dinner, had the dinner, before going and sleeping it off in-front of the TV with a fire burning bright.

There were movies, there was magic, and there was moments that only come once, every year, on this day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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