Day 24/365

I’ve landed myself two days behind with this project which is frustrating but sure real world stuff has to come first. I have everything taken just not shared. That’s okay right? Should be back on track by this eve :)

Anywho, played with the sunset in Killiney Sunday evening (only got the chance to finish processing today). Spent more time ducking and hiding being bushes so people wouldn’t think I was a complete narcissist than taking photos. Wouldn’t have looked right seeing me with a camera pointing at me and a trigger in my hand whilst waving my hair manically in the wind, ha. I was wearing clothing if you were wondering so I wasn’t completely nuts ha.

Will get yesterdays photo and todays up asap.

Until next time,

– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


90 Days Later…

Today I assisted Lucy Nuzum photograph this wedding and I couldn’t be happier to finish my 90 day project on a high. It’s rather sweet because as my extremely small journey ends, this couple are beginning a new bigger and brighter one. It was such an incredible day and from it I’ll possibly be able to put together a small ~Wedding Photography~ portfolio. Can’t thank Lucy enough for asking me to help out, I genuinely was honored.

I originally started this project with the intention of taking a photo a day for 90 days. It quickly turned into a post a day for 90 days which has left me with a photo diary of my entire summer. I have too many things I could say right now I’m honestly left with nothing. Simply thank you for checking out my photos or reading my rambles. Having an audience to share your work with really keeps you going :)

Over the next two weeks I’ll be focusing my time on college exams, but remember this is far from the end of my adventures or photo explorations. I have things in mind for regular postings, but while I’m in my study bubble I’ll post quick photos and rambles on my ‘facebook page‘. The full album with the ninety photos is on it, right ‘here‘. Huzzah :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

NY to the last drop

These were my last few snaps in New York city before I left for the airport. Technically they are from yesterday. I however am still living as if it were Friday since I haven’t slept and been travelling for hours. I’m so jet-lagged right now it hurts but must stay up till tonight to kick myself back into Irish time.

Rich and I only had a few hours around Time Square to make it over to Newark on time. We did get to a 5 star restaurant right under the famous lights for lunch which we got for an incredible bargain. Restaurant week in NY. Another J1 win :)

The sun began to shine as the last few drops of rain were shed upon the city streets, leaving the roads clear for the drive to the airport. Made the flight even if on it I got covered in coffee and wine. Home in one piece though.. Success :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


Yaaay, today I got to roam the campus of Harvard and explore the famous grounds. The campus itself was so much smaller then I originally thought but still full of those typical things to see.

Off campus I saw the Harvard crimson society building and the outrageous student campus accommodation. Their student lounging areas makes the one we have at home look like a public rest stop. Chandeliers and fancy couches spread across the hall was only the tip of their luxurious ways.

Rich and I then went to get lunch in a spot I thought would be picture perfect. This was before the weather completely turned and clouds filled the sky. We did get to watch one chess player annihilate the other before doing one last lap of the town before heading off.

Had such a good day, can’t wait for tomorrow and Fenway park. Yeeeeow :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

‘T’ Time

Bad luck. I honestly think I attract small disasters when I travel. Yesterday the entire electricity in the apartment was turned off and so I had zero use of my laptop or internet. I searched around the town for wifi but alas, failed to find anything in time.

We all then just headed down to the pool to cool off since our living space was simply unliveable with the heat. That’s where I took these photos, en route home via the T tram.

So, today we still didn’t have any power so I went down and found working wifi in a local pizza place. I plugged in my laptop, got myself connected to the web and boom… the entire power went on the street around me leaving zero possibilities to get up my post and/or photo.

The day passed waiting around for the electrician to arrive and hook us back up with good old electricity. Due to more power outages on the street we were at the bottom of the list to be reconnected, shit one! We’re now out of power till Monday, HOWEVER… I found a place to get wifi so can still get photos up, just backlogged by one day. Simples :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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