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The quite fabulous lead singer of Masha, Maria Ohle.

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Day 177/365

My Mother found this old photo of my Father and asked if it were possible to remove the shadow. I knew I could do that so scanned it in and went to work. Two hours later I realised that I had just brought so much life to this photo that she stumbled upon in a box at the top of the house. There’s now no scratches, no shadows, but still a very questionable tie that I didn’t dare change. I too wonder ‘what even is that?’.

So yesterday, somewhat accidentally, I taught myself a new skill & can now officially do photo colorisation.
Not too bad for a Monday eh :)

Chloë x

Street Dude

As I said yesterday, I went out with my camera and found an awesome dude to photograph to then discover I’d left the memory card for my camera at home. Silly me, such a rookie mistake!! Ha! Anywho, today walking to the shop early this morning I passed the guy again wearing his awesome African jewelry and unique attire… YAY right!?.. Nah, not so much as this time no camera!!

So, I wondered around Berkeley later on today and found this Dude who we shall call Sean, we’ll do this because that is in fact his name. Simples. I loved his hat and instantaneously asked him if it were alright if I went snap happy in his general direction… and by general direction I blatantly mean directly his way!! Hat-tastic!!

This has now led me to decide that once this 90 day project is over and I’m back home I definitly want to have a weekly post dedicated to a random stranger I pass by on the street. Someone unique who stands out to my eye. It probably wont be style/fashion orientated for those who wonder as I have the fashion eye of a blind man who loves anything made of fleece.. also over-sized oneseis… which do win, every time, no questions about it :)

Anywho, rant over for tonight you awesome individuals… I’ll leave you with the news that my still somewhat shiny new facebook page is just ‘1’ away from the triple digit mark. Will that ‘1’ be you? :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


Mass apologies on the most overdue post ive left to date. My friends have been oh so successfull in getting me out of the house and into the real world to have some form of a social life. To much time spent in-front of the screen is undoubtable unhealthy and now i have a world of material to share with you beautiful people… starting with my wonderful bobble hat, along with my face again construed in many ways. I simply don’t like to take myself to seriously, and i love this hat :P

Within the last week and a half Iv successfully somewhat organised my life together as best i can for this semester, starting with my room which is looking glorious. Paper has been recycled, old crap has been thrown out and belongings I no longer need have been gathered together to give to charity. I feel like I’ve just been reborn, someone get me holy water… and by holy water i obviously mean a can or some other form of delicious beverage!

Along with that achievement, my fully functioning laptop has been returned to me, yay! Its hardware is brand spanking new and the screen is as clean as a whistle. Having a usable disk drive back shall allow photos to be proccessed and published much closer to real time again, as at present my old busted zombie one had needed an external hard drive, collection of different memory cards and insane amount of dedication to go streaming through an abundance of folders, strewed about my technological world. HURRAH ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Octobers Ending.

Two days left. Octobers ending. Holy fuck.

This month flew and its quite a terrifying thought. How time can go by so fast. Months are starting to seem like weeks and days are starting to feel like hours. I have so many thoughts and creative ideas i want to share yet feel like I’m getting no-where.

With that said my contract has been officially lowered with work and so a handful of hours are now on my side. Maybe now ill get to share all the ramblings of mind as originally intended. Can’t wait :)

To get to the photos, this week had floods, fears and fiestas. The weather was unimaginably cruel filling buildings with rivers and turning buses into baths. I simply captured the calm before the storm.

In college it was Mental Health week and TCD gathered enough people to achieve a Guinness world record of the ‘Most People to Write a Story’. The message being that Mental Health is part of each one of ours. We are all stars and did it with a with 953… FUCK YES! :)

The guitarist I snapped on Grafton Street and feel ashamed I did not get his name or the chance to hear the music. I loved the photos though so thought I’d share.

Finally the last is my face. My leopard printed Halloween persona. Roar!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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