Scene of the Crime

Last night my internet went before I could put up this post which took me ages to do. Was too tired to stay up and wait for the internet to magically decide to fix itself and work, but here it is none the less. Woo!

I took these on the way to work and It’s the place my camera got robbed last week. I simply had to return at some point as it has one hell of a view and the morning light was better then any. Good thing I went snap happy early too as work filled my day and didn’t come across much I haven’t snapped and shared already.

Now that I have a camera back to continue my documentation of my summer life in San Francisco you’d think everything would run smoother then ever. Bad luck over and all that jazz, right?! Well, no. Latest fiasco in my adventure tales is, I am now currently dealing with a fraudulent card case on my Irish bank account. Yep, serious!!

Got blocked out of online banking last week and so called back to Ireland to sort that out. I thought must have had an epic retarded moment where I forgot my pin that I’d had for years. Didn’t think I could have been that stupid but thought, well, I’ts the only explanation. That was until I found a bill that was far beyond anything I had spent or had at all. Called back to the bank and questioned what this was all about. They asked if I was abroad in which I obviously answered yes. I am in San Francisco. The banker then replied some what puzzled and asked this time if I’d bought anything online recently. I explained not a chance since I have rent and other travel expenses to be dealing with. That is when she replied with, well, the transaction was made in great British pounds!

At this moment I strangely felt extremely lucky that I’d transferred most of my funds over to my American account. What’s strange is I’ve had my card on my the whole time. Someone got hold of my information to make that transaction. Scary eh!! Anywho, it shows just how important it is to watch all information about your details just as much as your card.

Hope now this string of bad luck is over, but to be fair, it has been ballenced nicely with some of the good kind :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


Red Sunset Sky

I already did a brief ‘Merry Christmas’ post with the jist of my day, but the best part of the day wasn’t the presents, or (dare i say it) the Christmas dinner, but the walk i went upon with my family.

When I was younger we used to always go for walks along this pier, so going back all together was a joy in itself. There was a warmish breeze and a freshness to the air too. We walked with the wind and once at the end sat briefly on a bench before turning around and heading back to save the turkey from any possible charcoal state.

On the way back down the pier to the car, the sun behind us began to go down. My sister and I turned back just looked at the sky and went, ‘Wow’. I began to rant how I wish I could capture the beautiful sky as each photo didn’t remotely encapsulate mother natures wonder. Then, after multiple setting changes and a few test shots I got it. The sunset in all its glory. Love it!

These are my favourite photos to date, along with them being the first batch of photos that are completely manual.. Aperture; check… Exposure; check… WHITE BALANCE; check ;)

I shall have another post of the drive home as it too resulted in sunset gems. Part Two will be up tomorrow or the day after… or at least before the world ends ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Merry Christmas

Today was a blissful Christmas. It was simple, but it was great :)

At the start of this day we shared presents and started the food prep before all getting together and going for a walk down the pier. The sky was glorious which deserves an entire post of its own… still in wonder of the red sunset sky.

We then made the dinner, had the dinner, before going and sleeping it off in-front of the TV with a fire burning bright.

There were movies, there was magic, and there was moments that only come once, every year, on this day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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