Day 170/365

Whilst sorting through hard drives I’ve been finding so many unshared images and unprocessed gems. I’ve always been extremely critical of my work and so wouldn’t release imagery as I never thought they were good enough. I also feared the critique I’d get as I’m self taught and was terrified everything was wrong… which to be fair would have actually helped me learn so much more, so much faster. Hindsight eh!

Anywho, these were taken whilst assisting Lucy Nuzum Photography for The Goddess Room close to two years ago :)

Model: Joanne Northey

Chloë x


BTS with Michael Scorr (pt 2)

BTS (28)

BTS (29)

BTS (44)

BTS (46)

BTS (30)

BTS (33)

BTS (32)

BTS (34)

BTS (39)

BTS (38)

BTS (40)

BTS (41)

BTS (42)

BTS (59)

Make up topped up, hair change and a redressing moment behind a sheet. Luckily the cold breeze meant people around were few :)

Part one can be found [HERE].

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Going for Gold

Today we have to move out of our apartment as we only got the one we’re in for two months. We have to clean and clear the entire place so time has not been on my side today. Packing everything has taken much longer then I had anticipated so this is a simple taster of what’s to come from this shoot.

The shots are incredible as is Francesca who you’ve seen in my posts before. Keep an eye out for more, I promise they’re something to see :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Flowers and Tulle

Was so honored to help out Kim Thomas’s photoshoot today. As you’ve probably noticed from my photos everything is pretty much outdoors and in natural light. So, getting to help out a studio shoot was not only so enjoyably fun, but also allowed me to build my knowledge of photography. Win and win!

Everyone was so lovely and the model was stunning. She gave an uncountable amount of poses within minutes, I was in awe. Once the photos have been released I’ll of course share the link with you guys so you can see how they turned out :)

The lovely ladies who put it together was…
Photographer; Kim A. Thomas
Stylist; Kate Patterson
Make-up Artist; Julie Dy
Model; Sara Jordan @SCOUT models

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


7am I got up to head out for a shoot. I looked outside my window and bleehk… the sky was so overcast it was multiple shades of gray. I’ve gotten used to shooting into the sun. Taking photos of those sprinkled rays of sunshine that disperse across the cameras canvas. Came close, but I refused to reschedule even thought somewhat doubtful that I’d be able to capture anything good.

The moment I started shooting I couldn’t have been happier I didn’t change the day. The lake I shot at with the model Francesca Rubino reflected enough light to capture something great and she really was amazing and so easy to work with. It was she who suggested this lake as I wouldn’t have been able to get there without the car she drove us in. She really was amazing model to find.

Three outfits and just two hours into the shoot we were done and I had enough shots to have me sifting through the album for hours. Each outfit could have been given a post of it’s own along with the flock of geese that crossed our paths.

So, here are the few I’ve chosen to share with you guys today. A simple snippet of what I have in store for later. I so badly want to share them all but I’ll have to wait as there are many things in the pipeline from just this shoot. So excited to continue building my portfolio and also can’t wait to shoot this model again.

Many more things to come in such little time. Summer please never end :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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