Piccadilly Circus

Piccadily Circus (4)

Piccadily Circus (2)

Piccadily Circus (1)

Piccadily Circus (3)

Piccadilly Circus (2)

Piccadilly Circus (1)

Piccadily Circus (6)

Piccadily Circus (5)

Piccadily Circus (8)

Piccadily Circus (7)

Piccadily Circus (9)

Piccadily Circus (10)

Last set from day 3 in London :)

I loved the light on this evening :) I’m certainly jealous of each and every person who gets to pass Piccadilly Circus on a day to day basis. It sucked being just a tourist. Ha!

Anywho, hope you have an fantastic Friday (I have a weakness for alliteration, don’t judge me).

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One more London post left… HARRODS :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Shining Eyes

After a day in the library and a shoot in the evening I was simply too exhausted to get these finished in time for last nights post. After a good nights sleep however here they are, and I love them :)

It was a simple shoot in Stephens Green park and we were in and out of the place within 40 minutes. Found a few spots with nice light and one with a giant beast of swan, but none compared to the last spot with the perfect light and colors I’d hoped for. The lens flair and beam of sun are far from a photoshop adition. Huzzah :)

Can’t thank Ricky enough for making the treck into town to do this shoot at all. The weather couldn’t have been more spasticated yesterday constantly switching from pooring rain to a beaming sky. In the end we got lucky and struck gold.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Trian Tattoo]

Forestry Walks

More sunshine… WIN!!

Rich and I brought Max for a walk up Ticknock which we haven’t gotten the chance to do since last summer. It’s such a lovely walk I wish I lived closer to do it more often. The summer still aint over yet though so I’m sure I’ll get up there again before its end. Woo!

On the way back to the car anywho I passed a random trail with a few streams of light. It interested me so we wandered down and I insisted on using Rich as my light testing subject. It was only a matter of time before he became my guinea-pig and I think he did it well. I also love that smile :)

I’m now officially into the last week of this 90 day project. In some way I’m excited not to have the pressure of putting up a post everyday. However at the same time I love taking photos daily and sharing them with you guys. Already have ideas flowing on what to do next, so it’s far from the end of this blog :)

Until next time,
-The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Box Cat

Today I woke up, had breakfast and got ready to hit the library good and early. I simply lay down on my bed for just a momen, finding myself in a deep sleep and waking up 4 hours later at 2pm. I then just worked from home and took photos of our cat curled up in this box. Boxcat we tend to call her since she does this whenever a box is free :)

Later I got to see one of my oldest friends Lorna for dinner before going off to a pub quiz which I had to bail early from. Exams are truly the bane of my life. Three weeks till I’m truly free again and in 4th year!! Huzzzah!!!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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