Clara with Cat


Clara (3)

Clara (2)

Day 15/365

My sister Clara and her Cat on Sunday right before we went for brunch.
Was such a sweet moment :)

Will leave it at that since this is up a wee bit late.

Until next time,

– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]


365 Begins with Family Celebrations

Family Nandos (6)

Family Nandos (4)

Family Nandos (7)

Family Nandos (8)

Family Nandos (10)

Family Nandos (13)

Family Nandos (14)

Family Nandos (16)

Family Nandos (17)

Family Nandos (18)

Family Nandos (19)

Family Nandos (20)

Family Nandos (21)

Family Nandos (22)

Family Nandos (23)

Family Nandos (24)

Family Nandos (25)

Family Nandos (26)

Family Nandos (27)

Family Nandos (28)

Family Nandos (29)

Family Nandos (30)


Finally after harping on about it for years I’ve started my own 365. I’ve done smaller versions of it at found it’s the best way to learn and grow as a photographer.

These photos were taken at the NPAS 20 year celebration with the Mother and Clara and after we treated ourselves to a Nandos feast where my mother proved she loves to be just as much of a goofball in front of the camera as I. Was such an awesome day :)

I’ll be posting blog posts regularly as I find it near impossible sometimes to pick THE photo of the day and like to post a serious. The full 365 album however is right [HERE].

My year long adventure has begun… gonna have to make it a good’n ;)

Until next time,
Chloë x

– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Happy Birthday Mother

Mother this post is purely for you since I love you dearly and you fail on all accounts to read your email.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY… I have an awesome present for you on my arrival home. Part of it may include cheese of a whiz sort. It may also be a good bread spread :)

Can’t thank you enough for everything you amazing human being. Without your help my blog would have zero photos right now and knowing you keep up with my daily spiels fills my heart with delight. Hope you have had the most amazing day and everyone at home pampered you to your hearts content.

See you in almost two weeks when I will pamper you too.
Love you mum… Clo x x

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Fathers Day Out

I’ve spilled my soul to you guys before of the love my dad had for trains and how it keeps his spirit alive. Today being fathers day I found a trip on a steam train the perfect of adventures.

The steam train wasn’t running so a diesel train had to do. It was still amazing as his love was simply for trains, his favorite being the steam kind. It’s an excuse to go back for another adventure eh! ;)

I could write for days on this but I’ll simply leave you with these pictures. It was an amazing day to connect some way with my dad and I know he would have loved it :)

Hope you’re day was amazing and you made it a good’n.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Red Sunset Sky

I already did a brief ‘Merry Christmas’ post with the jist of my day, but the best part of the day wasn’t the presents, or (dare i say it) the Christmas dinner, but the walk i went upon with my family.

When I was younger we used to always go for walks along this pier, so going back all together was a joy in itself. There was a warmish breeze and a freshness to the air too. We walked with the wind and once at the end sat briefly on a bench before turning around and heading back to save the turkey from any possible charcoal state.

On the way back down the pier to the car, the sun behind us began to go down. My sister and I turned back just looked at the sky and went, ‘Wow’. I began to rant how I wish I could capture the beautiful sky as each photo didn’t remotely encapsulate mother natures wonder. Then, after multiple setting changes and a few test shots I got it. The sunset in all its glory. Love it!

These are my favourite photos to date, along with them being the first batch of photos that are completely manual.. Aperture; check… Exposure; check… WHITE BALANCE; check ;)

I shall have another post of the drive home as it too resulted in sunset gems. Part Two will be up tomorrow or the day after… or at least before the world ends ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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