Study Time Woes

Was home all day studying today… well, trying as much as I could. At some points the only way to focus was putting on youtube tutorials which surprisingly worked a treat. Understand a heap loads more then I did this morning. Success?! Ish! Ha. All my favorite photos were taken when the sun went behind a cloud. Thought they brought a bit of fun to … Continue reading Study Time Woes

Forestry Goddess

This is my gorgeous friend Yvonne who I definitively should have gotten in front of my camera before. Yesterday we ran out for a quick impromptu shoot between the trees upon the Berkeley college campus. It was so much fun getting out and shooting with her and she was up for anything which made my job a breeze. We put it together so quickly yet … Continue reading Forestry Goddess


I spend hours and hours sifting through photos online comparing my work to others. It can get so heart breaking, looking at work that is so magnificent and technically flawless. It can result in days thinking I’m useless wondering if I’ll get anywhere… Then there are moments when I look back at what I’ve taken, simply smile, and go yes. That’s a photo, and it’s … Continue reading Breathless