Day 177/365

My Mother found this old photo of my Father and asked if it were possible to remove the shadow. I knew I could do that so scanned it in and went to work. Two hours later I realised that I had just brought so much life to this photo that she stumbled upon in a box at the top of the house. There’s now no scratches, no shadows, but still a very questionable tie that I didn’t dare change. I too wonder ‘what even is that?’.

So yesterday, somewhat accidentally, I taught myself a new skill & can now officially do photo colorisation.
Not too bad for a Monday eh :)

Chloë x





Day 170/365

Whilst sorting through hard drives I’ve been finding so many unshared images and unprocessed gems. I’ve always been extremely critical of my work and so wouldn’t release imagery as I never thought they were good enough. I also feared the critique I’d get as I’m self taught and was terrified everything was wrong… which to be fair would have actually helped me learn so much more, so much faster. Hindsight eh!

Anywho, these were taken whilst assisting Lucy Nuzum Photography for The Goddess Room close to two years ago :)

Model: Joanne Northey

Chloë x

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