Red Bull Cliff Diving

Diving ckp

The End ckp

Serpents Lair ckp

Leaving Lair ckp

Inis Mor ckp

Artem Silchenko ckp

RedBull Cliff-Diving ckp

Steven Lobue ckp

Andy Jones ckp

Andy Jones -back ckp

Matt Cowen ckp

Michal Navratil ckp

Orlando Duque ckp

Jonathan Paredes ckp

Blake Aldridge ckp

Alain Kohl  ckp

Steven LoBue -ladder ckp

Steven LoBue -interview ckp

Winners Board ckp

The Defeat ckp

Gary Hunts Celebration ckp

Gary Hunt -winner interview ckp

Gary Hunt -winning interview ckp

Gary Hunt -interview ckp

Gary Hunt RedBull 14 ckp

Winners-14 ckp

David Colturi ckp

“On June 28th and 29th 2014, 14 divers from nine nationalities, will battle it out on the Irish stop of Red Bull Cliff Diving. After a dramatic visit to the rugged west coast of Ireland in 2012, the world’s elite cliff divers are back for more in 2014 for two days of competition.”

This Sunday I went down to the Serpents Lair in Inis Mór to get photos of the Red Bull Cliff Diving and my god was it incredible. The athletes were leaping into the water below from a mighty height of 27 meters. The thought of the cold water below terrifies me more then the jump itself but luckily they were given the most incredible Irish weather for the event. Basking on the rocks was also quite the treat.

Here’s the results of the third Diving stop In Ireland;
1. Gary Hunt | UK | 488.40pts
2. Steven LoBue | USA | 475.40
3. Jonathan Paredes | MEX | 475.20
4. Orlando Duque | COL | 461.90
5. Michal Navratil | CZE | 454.05
6. Blake Aldridge | UK | 443.70
7. David Colturi | USA | 431.80
8. Artem Silchenko | RUS | 417.50
9. Andy Jones | USA | 292.15
10. Alain Kohl (wildcard) | LUX | 289.95
11. Mat Cowen (wildcard) | UK | 276.90
12. Cyrille Oumedjkane (wildcard) | FRA | 259.00
13. Kris Kolanus | POL | 254.60
14. Jucelino Junior (wildcard) | 229.25

Coffee2Go ckp

Aran Fudge ckp

Fudge ckp

Bongo Band ckp

Bongo ckp

Bongo Dude ckp

The Red Bull chill out spot for before and after the actual diving was also pretty sweet. There was a coffee spot, fudge spot and of course a blow out burger joint for all those hungry tums.

Until next time,
– Chloë

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