Diceys in Daylight

Diceys (1)

Diceys (2)

Diceys (3)

Diceys (5)

Diceys (6)

Day 11/365

Yesterday evening after work I moseyed over to Diceys to celebrate all the Masters Engineers passing with flying colours (congrats again lads & ladies =P).

For anyone who’s unaware, Diceys on a Tuesday is the cheapest club around so being their in daylight was an experience all on it’s own. Can’t say I was prepared for the intense grinding at 8pm in sunlight while sober… but sure beer and banter always wins :)

The night was short for me but it’s always good to hang out with the college crew. They’re good people!!

Apologies for the lack of posts btw.. 9-5 girl now with the hope of keeping up a social life along with the 365. Been posting that daily over on the wee facebook page. Will try up the frequency though as this wee hub on the interweb is where my adventure all began.

Until next time,

– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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