Tara Lee; Soundtrack

So, I had the honor of photographing the wonderful Tara Lee’s EP cover and couldn’t be happier with being able to say this was my first album artwork. She is a true star and the EP is beautiful…
Check it out [HERE on iTunes]… you won’t regret it ;)

This is the set of photos from the full shoot but I think she definitely made the right choice for the cover artwork. Such a beaute and a pleasure to photograph.

To make the whole thing even better her EP has already made it to the top of iTunes and is also gracing the home page of Google play. All her hard work entirely, but it really does make me ever so happy to see my photo sitting there for all to see. She really is destined for wonderful things :)

… and of course the fun ones ;)

Until next time,
Chloë x

– The girl with the [Train Tattoo] ;)

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