LFW rewind




Sooo, I’ve been absent from blogging again and It’s made me rather sad. No matter how much photography I’ve been doing it really doesn’t compare to personal work and sharing things directly with you guys.

These few photos are snaps from the KTZ show at last seasons London Fashion Week and I really am furious at myself for not sharing them all sooner. All the street style was shared ages ago over at Prowlster… a website you should certainly check out if you haven’t done so already. Perfect for procrastination ;)

Anywho, on a positive note I’m heading back over to London next weekend so thought I’d look back over the last seasons photos and share them while I still can… also they’re all the looks for Autumn/Winter ’13 so maybe it’ll give some styling inspiration :)

This is just a wee intro post so prepare for LOADS more :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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