KTZ on the runway.

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 10

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan  2

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 4

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan  3

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 6

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 5

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 7

LFW; KTZ_ChloeKeogan 8

These are a few of my favorite looks from the KTZ show at LFW Autumn/Winter 2013. It was my first ever catwalk show not to mention my first time at LFW and of course I loved it.

The rush was unexplainable and it seemed to fly by in a matter of seconds. I can only imagine the adrenalin rush of the models as they graced us with their presence.

KTZ, you were incredible… stunning show :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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