The last day I was in London I went to Harrods with my friend Kat before rushing off to get a flight home. I thought I had left loads of time to get to the airport but the train I was meant to get to Gatwick was of course cancelled. Long story short, I got to the airport 10 minutes before take off and have never ran faster in my life. Was a lucky girl to have gotten home :)

With that aside, Harrods was fun but much smaller then I thought, the toy section anyway. The Bengal and Ragdoll kittens were my highlight in the store, they really are stunning little fur balls. Wish they had a better living space though. Was kind of shocked how behind the times Pet Kingdom was. Sort that out please Harrods!

So to conclude, the last few posts were my brief few days in London and I’m dying to get back… just a FOUR WEEK wait till Fashion Week AW13 :) YEEEOW!!

All the post for this brief trip are here;
London; Day 1
London; Day 2
Trafalgar Square
Buckingham Palace
Piccadilly Circus

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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