Nokia Lovin’

Well Hello,

This is one long ramble so to skip to the jist scroll down to the big obnoxious CONTINUE marker. If you’re curious to read the gibberish I’ve spent 30 minutes typing just keep reading you majestical human being…

To start, apologies for the severe absence and lack of posts. I was expecting viewers to plummet and all the hard work I put in over the summer to be lost with no one left to share photos with. Luckily thanks to the beautiful Anouska Proetta Brandon for mentioning my blog in this youtube video a load of you lovely people stopped by to check out my little bubble on the internet. Yay :)

Now I feel a little bit like a tool for abandoning the blog for so long… but this is why…

I had a string of bad luck.. actually no, a bucket load. I had repeat college exams which is why once I returned from America posts went to shite. I then failed one of those exams so had to appeal and ask to do it again. This appeal clashed with fashion week so that was the first bit of news that seriously brought me down… along with the fact that I failed in the first place. Oops on that one!

After this news my laptop broke… got riddled with a virus which in turn made editing, uploading photos and making blog posts somewhat impossible. This was then followed by me getting incredible ill, hospitalization ill, with a kidney infection that had me out of college for over a weak. I was at this point terrified since I had been granted the chance to do the exam I failed again, but with the kidney infection I simply wasn’t able to study for it… or even get out of bed.

Now, when my laptop broke I soon discovered that one, and only one folder got destroyed. This was a folder extremely precious to me which I was devastated to loose. What was it?!.. the lovely photos I took at the wedding I helped with a good few week ago. Although I wasn’t officially the second photographer, I had captured some beautiful photos which I was so excited to collaborate together into portfolio. But alas, gone :(


Anywho, my point to this whole ramble (apart from telling you where the dickens I’ve been the last few weeks) is it looks like my bad luck is finally over. WUUHAY! I got this Nokia Lumia 900 in the post today to test out for two weeks. The camera is glorious and windows on a phone is a nice new treat. Serious excitement since, lets face it, Nokia will always have a place in that little phone loving hub in our heart. Gwwwan the 3310!!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

ps. It also appears the exam I had to repeat was somewhat successful, that’ll be confirmed sometime this week :)

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