NY to the last drop

These were my last few snaps in New York city before I left for the airport. Technically they are from yesterday. I however am still living as if it were Friday since I haven’t slept and been travelling for hours. I’m so jet-lagged right now it hurts but must stay up till tonight to kick myself back into Irish time.

Rich and I only had a few hours around Time Square to make it over to Newark on time. We did get to a 5 star restaurant right under the famous lights for lunch which we got for an incredible bargain. Restaurant week in NY. Another J1 win :)

The sun began to shine as the last few drops of rain were shed upon the city streets, leaving the roads clear for the drive to the airport. Made the flight even if on it I got covered in coffee and wine. Home in one piece though.. Success :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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