East Side in Style

Yes. Last night I got to stay in the Radisson. At any time of the year I would find this to be the most luxurious means of accommodation going, but considering I have slept everywhere but a bed in the past two and a half months this was divine. Waking up this morning with no cramped shoulder from the floor, or a battered back from an airbed, or even cramps in every muscle from curling up to fit on half a couch was a luxury I can’t even begin to explain.

Now, no… It did not cost an arm and a leg or even a pinkie finger. I managed to come across an unbelievable website deal which made staying here far cheaper than any hostel I could find. Probably because it was last minute. Procrastination win!! :)

The bus here to NY ended up taking longer than expected yesterday so most of the day was spent travelling. Did get a comedy show in just after midnight and walked Time Square to see the big city lights. Today I can’t wait to get my last American adventure before returning home. Just a few hours till the J1’s end.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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