‘T’ Time

Bad luck. I honestly think I attract small disasters when I travel. Yesterday the entire electricity in the apartment was turned off and so I had zero use of my laptop or internet. I searched around the town for wifi but alas, failed to find anything in time.

We all then just headed down to the pool to cool off since our living space was simply unliveable with the heat. That’s where I took these photos, en route home via the T tram.

So, today we still didn’t have any power so I went down and found working wifi in a local pizza place. I plugged in my laptop, got myself connected to the web and boom… the entire power went on the street around me leaving zero possibilities to get up my post and/or photo.

The day passed waiting around for the electrician to arrive and hook us back up with good old electricity. Due to more power outages on the street we were at the bottom of the list to be reconnected, shit one! We’re now out of power till Monday, HOWEVER… I found a place to get wifi so can still get photos up, just backlogged by one day. Simples :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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