American Dreamer

To start…. HAPPY 4th JULY, yeeow!! :)

This is one of the looks from yesterdays shoot I had to share in full with you guys today. When leaving yesterday for the shoot, I stopped at the dollar store to pick up some fake flowers in red, white and blue. Then, whilst en route to location I sat on the bart winding the flowers together to make this headpiece. The looks I got were hilarious since I kept trying it on to see if it fit right… I was also there pulling the flowers apart with most likely a manic look on my face since I had no wire cutters. Got it made non-the less, so hope they enjoyed the show. Ha!

Once on the location and fully warmed up, we through the headpiece on quickly and got some shots for today’s post. There isn’t any time to go submitting it towards any web magazines since we’ve hit the 4th July already. So the full lot of these are up today :)

Hope those with good weather get the BBQ on and sunscreen out… and for the rest (probably those back home) get into a pub. Everyone wins!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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