Camera Ready

Huzzah!! :)

Tomorrow I have another shoot planned with a model who I know wont flake last minute. I spent the day trailing through photos and organizing the little details that’ll hopefully make the shoot great. I was so excited in fact I almost completely forgot to take a photo which led me to quickly take these!

I ran out with Yvonnes Dianna camera and placed it in this bicycle basket which contained the only rays of sunshine left on the street. I really did look like a right douche tiptoeing around the bike back and forth trying to catch the camera at all angles… ah well whats new eh! Ha!

Anywho that aside… something I forgot to say the last two posts is I set up a facebook page just the other day. It may seem completely premature since I still have a way to go with my photography, but gotta start somewhere, so I’ve planted this wee seed :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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