Rainbow Delight

Yesterday the streets of San Francisco were taken over for Gay Pride. The day began with the parade but the party continued up until the morning hours. After taking in the streets festivities, we all dispersed accidentally and were apart well into the evening light.

Sarah and I stuck together and wondered the streets, discovering $1 beers and jello shots. True find and daaamn they were delish.. and strong, WIN!! Ha. We also thought it the best idea ever to buy a bubble gun… which totally was the best idea ever. That shit is awesome and I’ll most certainly be using it for future shoots :P

Our adventure then kept going around the city where we crossed naked person after naked person and even guys with whips and chains. The entire day seemed to fall under the category of ‘anything goes’ and soon enough nothing was shocking whatsover. Everything was just given the caption ‘a sure, it’s gay pride’ and boy was it an unbelievable day. Bring on next year!! Yeeeow :)

I could type forever but instead here’s a photo of me doing the plank in front of a truck…

G’waan Sarah for getting this one. I hadn’t even noticed!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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