Biked the Bridge

Today was the day I finally got to cycle the Golden Gate bridge. I thought that this would result in photos non-stop but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to cycle with one hand. This made processing through the photos a much simpler task at least :)

When I did try to cycle one handed to capture some photos in motion, I ended up taking a dive head first down the slope of the main road. I quite literally flew, landing in the middle of the small highway. I curled into a ball to protect my camera resulting in the bike crashing down on top of me, whacking my head from every direction. If so much as one car were to have turned the corner I was lying on, I’d most certainly be a goner. Clumsy oaf!!

Anywho, I’m currently exhausted and falling asleep as I type. Hope you had a lovely day and prepare for a post from gay pride tomorrow… It has to be a good’n :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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