Me, Myself and I

I was off work today and so excited to bask in the sun whilst learning the menu for work. This didn’t go to plan however as today was so overcast, cold and windy. I got up and went for a wander to try and find my daily photo to get it out of the way. A mix of the bad weather and me wanting to curl up back in the apartment left me with nothing good to share.

So I got home and curled up in a ball to have a wee nap. Freaked that I still didn’t have a photo however, I picked up the camera and turned it on myself. I really was extremely lucky to capture the brief moment of sunshine that got through the clouds. Win!!

Anywho, I am now, awkwardly blushing and out of things to say. Self portraits can be incredibly scary. Vulnerability at its best.

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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