Today I had the day off from work and so was lounging about the apartment early on in the day. I got up from the couch hanging like no other when, bam, there I saw it. The water hydrant across the road being hit by a truck which caused water to begin spewing over 15 feet in the air. It was like a glorious water fountain had just been born.

I then ran. Grabbed my camera and headed for the door. At the newly made pond there were police on the seen waiting for the firemen to arrive and sort it out. I turned on my camera to capture the water billowing from beneath the pipes below us but nada. Camera had not a bit of energy as the battery had been exhausted.

I bolted so fast back into the apartment to give my camera a few minutes to charge. Within the space of 6 and half minutes, firemen had come and gotten the 15 foot wonder to retreat back beneath the surface of the road. All that was left was water trickling along towards the gutters.

I still ran back out to try and capture something but I was pretty much too late. I had the chats with the fireman to discover this is actually extremly common. Regardless, I doubt ill see it again whilst I’m here in San Francisco… unless I find a truck!!

Anywho, although I didn’t capture the moment at hand I did learn two things;
1) Always have your battery charged and ready to go,
2) How to make a gif… yeow :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Tran Tattoo]

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