Market Stall

These photo are ones from downtown that didn’t fit into that days post so never shared them. San Francisco has so many jewelry stalls on every corner of the main roads. There are feather earings on most of them and a pair will be mine before this trip is out. Wooo.

Anywho, one day, just one more day until I have a camera again. Pretty sure I’ve sorted something out and tomorrow morning I should be picking it up. So after work I’ll get to go on a photo expo and have a tremendous San Francisco post for you all. Yeeow :)

Today I read for hours in the sun which was extremely rare of me. I’m now over half way through The Hunger Games and loving it. Think I’ve only ever reached the half-way point of a book three or four times. Wish I was joking, but sadly I’m not. Yep I am pathetic as anything, ha!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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