Locked Up

Today again I was without my camera, but I had these photos locked away in my computer I had been to scared to share. A huge part of me cringes when I look at them , but I promised a while ago I’d share them with you so here they are.

I spent today researching cameras on Craig’s list, Amazon and eBay, and may have found a replacement which I can pick up as soon as tomorrow. Yeeeeeow!! Project is still a go and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have more adventures from the world of San Francisco. A wonder is a must :)

Last night I got though to my mother and that phone call with her was simply amazing. I told her about my camera and before I got the chance to ask her for a loan she offered it to me. She said she knew how important photography was to me, along with this trip which I worked so hard to be able to afford. She has also been keeping up with my blog and could see how active I’d been with my camera. I’ll owe her ever cent when I get back to Ireland, but it’s worth it to be able to share hundreds of photos with you guys.

Mother I love you billions… can’t thank you enough!!

Can’t wait to get back on track fully with my daily photos, however update on my summer list.. I’ve started a book and loving it!! Hunger Games is key… I may even read all three. Wooo :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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