Student Living

After my adventures in the Berkely Hills I had this epic endeavor with the girls. Today was wet, rainy and cold so I spent my time collaborating these photos from yesterday. They save you from having to look at photos from a day that was anything but blog worthy, and so I’v decided to count this as my photo for today since this is when I processed them.

What you see is the trek back to our apartment with a chest of drawers that we found on the side of the road for free. People around Berkeley just give there unwanted stuff away by leaving it on the street for people to claim, which worked out perfectly for us. So, we claimed this as our own to try fill our apartment with some sort of storage unit. Win!!

The trek back was truly hilarious. Since this was such a heavy block of furniture we used a small rollable desk chair as a trolley to get it back home. I can’t even imagine what people walking by must have thought seeing us slowly roll this down the road. There was also the following of Kate and I with manky kitchen chairs, not to mention me hovering around with my camera document it to a T.

I took a good few video clips of this too which will have to be turned into something for entertainment value. Words can’t do this wee mission any justice, but I hope you can enjoy the photos none the less :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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