Fly Away

Today was a simple but good day. All of us girls had different schedules dealing with jobs and what not, so I wondered. Spent a lot of the day around downtown and the evening light on these pigeons I thought was glorious!

People around me must have thought I was truly mental as I spent up to 45 minutes surrounding these birds, moving closer to them inch by inch. Ha. Had to move so slowly so that they wouldn’t move as I only had a 50mm lens so to get close ups I had to be extremely close up.

Patience is key :)

I also got the amazing opportunity to go see the office of photojojo, an awesome online photography store. The people who work there are so down to earth and it was amazing to be around the office. Also got to chat to the photographer who works there and she was truly lovely with such a talent.

Check out photojojo ‘here‘, and also Kim A. Thomas the photographer ‘here‘. I really do spend far to much time on the interweb, ha!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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