Yeeeow, I am officially in America and have finally reached my destination after almost 24 hours of travelling. I got up and out of my house extremely early to make my flight for 7:30am to then travel over to London to get my flight to San Francisco. This went far from as planned however.

Once I got to the check-in gate I was informed that the flight had been oversold and so now I was to be rerouted to San Francisco. I waited at the customer service desk as the time slowly crept up to 7:30 when I should have been boarding my flight, gutted I waited patiently to try sort it out. Once I got to speak to someone to get on a new flight I realized I was going to be given a check for €250 compensation…HAPPY DAYS!! Doesn’t seem so bad after all.

So, I was switched to a flight for 12:30pm to Chicago to then get a connection flight to San Francisco. The second flight was at 5pm local time and that flight flew by.. no put intended. Although I’m now six hours later then then I could have been it has turned out to be somewhat of an adventure. Chicago airport was gorgeous and where I took these photos. Also having an 8 + 4 hour flight instead of a solid 11 hour flight has turned out to be a bonus indeed.

The downfall of all this however is my severe sleep deprived state. I stayed up all night before my original plan as I was to leave at 5am to make my flight for half 7. I thought, may as well stay up and start adjusting myself to the San Francisco time… I can sleep on the plane. This wouldn’t have been such a bad idea if I had made that flight and been able to sleep. Instead I fell asleep in almost all corners of Dublin airport being prone to any robbery. My eyes were burning.

Once I finally got on the plane I was beyond relieved. I COULD NOW SLEEP!! I have no recollection of the take-off, whatsoever, as I was gone the second I buckled that seatbelt. A lad, Simon, who was sitting next to me, took great amusement in my half dead state, ha. He was also simply relieved I wasn’t a crying baby… although I was curled up in a tight wee ball, my face smeared against the window.

Anywho, speal over which I intended on posting in Chicago but couldn’t due to know internet… I AM NOW IN SAN FRANCISCO, awaiting a shuttle to the hostel. The adventure has begun :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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