John’s Barney

A lot of people in Dublin heard about the bunny who got thrown into the river lifey, but for those not from Dublin or for those who didn’t hear, this is a lovely man named John who lives on the streets of Dublin. He has a pet bunny named Barney and a pet dog named Lilly.

Almost a year ago John’s bunny, Barney, got thrown into the river liffey by some undoubtedly evil being who was later charged with animal cruelty. John immediately jumped in right after this happened to save his pet. I had heard that John was ok, but that the rabbit wasn’t saved. I always thought this was such an incredibly sad story and always wondered how he was doing without his pet and friend. I never saw him anymore, and he didn’t seem to be around.

Only a few months ago I was walking home from work when I saw John, sitting on O’Connell bridge with his dog Lilly. I was thinking awh, there he is again with is pet dog, how sweet. However moments later, as I continued walking, there right beside the dog was his bunny. He’d saved him! Jumped into the river right after his rabbit that had been thrown over and saved him. I was ecstatic, so ridiculously happy that this man hadn’t lost his pet.

Today I was roaming around town and saw him, basking in the sun while his rabbit hopped around the streets of town. I asked him if it was ok to take his photo and asked his name, along with his pets’. I gave him some change, snapped away, and then had a wee chat to say how incredibly brave he was.

This has to be the perfect picture to start my summer photo a day challenge. I couldn’t leave Dublin on a higher note as this is a story I have never forgotten. I can’t walk down Henry street or cross O’Connell bridge without thinking about John and his bunny. The full story from the herald can be read here.

So, here is the photo I’ve put together for today. I had to do an entire post on it since it was the story that’s made my year…


Until next time,
-The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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