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I had no photos related to this post so here’s me as a youngster!! Ha, gotta love going through the family albums, sheer bliss :)

Anywhooo, don’t know if many people noticed, but after my post last week I went and got the domain. Over the summer once I’m finally free from college for those few months I’m going to be blogging like tomorrow we’re returning to candles and analogue tv. I have so many ideas that I’ve had for rather long and will now finally have the time to do them. I’ll also be travelling to San Francisco so my mischievous shenanigans and endless adventure shall be documented to a T. Huzzah!!

Due to college exams and mass procrastination I also set up a tumblr. If anyone wants to check it out or ask me anything feel free. WordPress was never the most interactive of blog hosting sites but with a tumblr on the side, those who stop by for the odd read of my rambles or pixels of millions can ask away. Just click HERE!

Also my procrastination has led me to blog loving for those who have it. Follow my blog with Bloglovin by clicking this underlined word jumble. Oh yes, and twitter. Christ, the internet really is my study demand!

Anywhoooo, without further adieu… Welcome to the :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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