Croquet’s a Ball


So a few weeks ago the lads in college were playing a bit of croquet on a sunny Friday afternoon. I had my camera on me (shocker there) so went snap happy, as I tend to do.

On going at the time was a photo competition to “capture the personality of the College or the Trinity Experience”. The theme was “Trinity Life” and found a game of Croquet on the trinity grass a novel portrait of our student shenanigans.

I had so many ideas of the things I wanted to capture so didn’t submit anything for a good while after that sunny afternoon. A few hours before the deadline, realizing I’d taken photos of nothing else, I collaborated this together as a double exposure.

Right after clicking send to enter the comp, I began to over analyze the picture and saw a vast amount of small mistakes I had made. Also felt a little down that I had left it so close to the deadline I was sure I was far from a win…

BUT.. today at exactly 3:05pm I got an email notifying me that I came second in the competition and won TWO TICKETS to the annual Trinity Ball. Yes of course the first would have been delightful along with the top prize of an iPad 2, but considering I doubted myself to the extent I wasn’t going to place at all, I was bloody well ecstatically chuffed. Happy bunny was my words to a T :) (If I could do a bunny smiley, I’d insert such here).

Sorry for the rant, and the lack of posts recently. College and study woes have been my current endeavor. I do have so many photos to share, which will come in good time.

The balls on Friday. Can.Not.Wait :)

Until next time,
The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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