Sun Kissed

I do not know many lads who would allow a girl to frolic around their rugby match taking photos. This lot did however and my god am I forever grateful. My friends seem to have adapted to me constantly having my camera in their face, which works well for me, expecially on days like this. They are tremendously awesome!! :)

We went to the beach after college to play tag rugby since the sun was unexpectedly delightful. I snapped away until I filled the memory card, then I put the camera down and gave the game a go. I dodged the ball however as it tends to have some sort of magnetic attraction towards my face. Serious. Especially towards the nose, and that shit hurts like hell! So really I ran around playing tag, what a girl!! Ha!

After rugby we chilled out in an apartment with pool and beer. Noooomm nom nom!! Win :)

Until next time,
-The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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