“Tweet Tweet”

Teehee, yup so I’ve been trying out twitter and did go about the strangest way of letting you know. I wanted an excuse to climb into a giant birdcage, so here we go :P

I had a bundle of larfs in my garden on my lonesome and did in fact managed to get stuck in such a cage when the whole thing toppled over sideways! I spent 20 minutes home alone trying to wriggle free and luckily with the aid of the remote trigger I captured it all, frame by frame!

Success… the legs are free :)

Ill post more of these photos at a later date when I have the time to procces them. I’ve idulged quite a bit with photo milark this week so have a good bit to share. Reeeeally shouldn’t be doing this though when exams are luming, but pictures keep me sane, and sanity is a treasure this time of year :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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