Suggah Loaf

These are from behind the scenes after a wee photo fun last with Lucy Nuzum. She wanted to put someone in a twisted tree near the sugar loaf so sent me a quick message Saturday two weeks ago, so that Sunday morning we set off for a field full of adventure. :)

I fell off a tree into a bush and still have splinters, but it was so incredibly worth it :P There shall also be a video soon of me dancing around this field, falling in sheep shit and having a genuine amount of banter. I was by no means prepared to for a recording mission as am rusty as anything, but i have faith in Lucy as she can make anything look fantastic :)

Here’s a wee snippet off the pics…

Can see more on her page ‘here‘. Check her out, SHE’S AWESOME!

To conclude, I’m a raging dope who left this in drafts for almost a week. Thinking I’d already posted it I came to post a new one, so I guess that’ll come tomorrow :)

Until next time,
-The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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