Sister Act

Ciara isn’t just one of my best friends but is also someone I’d consder to be a part of my family. I literally see her like another sister and love her with all of my heart. Without her I havn’t a clue where I’d be. Seriously, she’s the business!! :)

Our birthdays are a few days apart too and so at her 21’st she did exacly what she did at her 18th and pulled me up for brithday cheers. Yet, even with the two of us we pathetically failed countless times to blow out the candles… guess we’ll just have to do take two when we’re 30 (or 22, im rather impatient) :P

The night was filled with a fridge full of beer and bowls upon bowls of marshmallows. There was also a piano rondevu and an unforgettable (yet very forgotten) trip upon a party bus. There was a face dive flat to the pavement (double time), and a wallet which was lost then found… THANK you Mr. Driver for finding/slash/returning it to me, the memory stick with all my college projects would have been a devistating loss… yes people, I am that retarded!

Anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cic’s, sorry it took me two weeks to get your photos up.

And ps. ‘You’re a good ol pal’ ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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