Comical Balls

For the past three years the engineering ball has been the best night of the year without fail. Scandal is always a sure thing. Hangovers are always of epic perportions. And the morning after lecture is a no go for sure.

Since today has been nothing more then technological failure and electronic woes, I thought I’d go back a week to my courses best non memorable, memorable moments. I didn’t have a camera so used the trusty phone (ha, ‘touch wood’).

I could ramble on about the details of the night, the shapes pulled on the dance floor (not to mention who my friends pulled too) but tomorrow must be a studious endeavor so sleep is on my cards and comical photos shall have to do.

I may not miss my degree once its over, but my god i’ll miss this ball. Comic life. Student life. Life… its good :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Your Ponders

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