The Queen of Hearts.

I have only done one post related to by boyfriend within the time-span of this blog which was only a few days ago. This is because I don’t mind sharing my life with you guys, but sharing his I don’t consider to be my right. With that said, this was something that couldn’t go unposted…

If you’ve only stopped by for a visit, this wee blog all started off with personal photo projects that got me trying to learn the art of photography. Whilst I was doing this Richard was fairly fucking awesome in being so laid back with my constant daily deadlines and regular need to get myself to a computer. Got a good’n :P

Anywho, whilst we were on a date in a bar at the begininng of our romantical journey, I found cards in my bag from the sesh a few nights prior. I joked ‘shall we play a game’ and with the best surprise he said ‘ah sure why not’. FUCKING AWESOME! So we sat and played game after game hours on end while both ignoring the many faces that gazed upon our different ways. That’s how are weekly date night began. Comedy, Carlsberg and cards… pure bliss!

So, for Christmas he got me this gift which was simply unbelievable. It was a pack of cards. Not just any cards though, but cards made specifically and uniquely for me. He went through my posted photos from my wee personal projects and collaborated together all my summer’s work. He then found a unique site, loaded them all up, and badabing badaboom he’s made me a set of playing cards giving me a portfolio like no other :)

I know this post is rather late since the gift was from Christmas as I got rather busy and time passed me by. Last night, however for a valentine’s made for us, we went back to the bar and played cards, had carlsberg and captured the night in all its glory.

Rich you did good… everybody go, awwww!! :)

Until next time.
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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