Cupcakes and Candles.

Today is the boyfriend’s birthday and although 21sts have been well on there way this is where the season really kicks off. It’s a three or four a week deal… Goodbye liver*… ah student life!! :P

Anywho, for Rich I made him 21 cupcakes with a candle on each one. 13 of them spelt out ‘happy birthday’, another being a giant ’21’ (which squashed and destroyed the aesthetics of its cupcake, but, ah well, sure it should still be delish) and the last seven were meant to spell out Richard, but such candles could not be found in time…so seven generic ones had to do :)

With the cupcakes, I took a photo of each one (of course) and got them printed to put in a wee handmade card, that’s just how I roll. That card was then dropped off last night so he could wake up sweetly to 21 candles and the 21 kisses can be sorted by the lads… I’m all hallmarked out!! Ha!

The top photo is the test shot of the mother’s brack I took whilst I waited for the cupcakes to cook. I shant share all those photos as; (i) they were a present for Rich and not for the world to ‘right click’ – save, (ii) they were so not picturesque. As you can see, I’m no Nigella Lawson…

Until next time
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

*for humorous effect, I don’t actively promote non-sensible drinking. I simply sometimes don’t sensibly drink. Student life, and all that jazz ;)

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