Bants and Booze

Some festivities from last weekend that was filled with games galore and drunken dancing. As you can see I have such moves down to a tee :P ha! The joys of lacking inhibitions!

It was two night with a full day of workshops for the VDP crew but unfortunately I had work so bailed during daylight hours… but of course, returned for the sesh :)

Games included;
– Twister, a must!
– The box game; where the original contents of cereal is ripped down to nothing more than a piece of card to be picked up with one’s mouth, NO HANDS! Serious technique was put into play for this one.. touching the ground is a no no!
– A rope game which involved two people being entangled together by their wrists, with just that, rope (well I guess it was more along the sting medium, but that doesn’t sound as mighty). The aim was to escape without untying/ cutting/ biting the bond apart. It is actually doable!
– Then of course the generic drinking games that gets intoxication levels to the maximum and social content to hilarious levels.

Good night all round :P

Ps. I know this post is a solid week late, terribly sorry. It turns out neglecting the blog still doesn’t enhance any studious ways. At least I can say I tried!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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