The last drop

Day Five of Five… :)

Today’s Challenge;
Five liter Friday: Carry 5 litres of water all day, in one big bottle or 5 1 litre bottles.
Awarness Aim: The average length a woman in Africa or Asia walks to collect water is 6km. To carry a 5L water container for one day signifies an acknowledgment of their plight and establishes a gesture of solidarity with those who have to work so hard for something we squander everyday!

So today was the last day of the VDP’s five day challenge and now the team are freeee! They’ve given up speach, food, phones along with sight and sound. I would love to have had the time to get a proper photo to finish it all off but unfortunately I had college labs so this shall have to do.

RAG week may be over but fundraising continues. To donate and make there effort all worth it you can click ‘here‘.

Off now to a sesh for bants and booze but I hope you’ve liked most of the pics (sorry today’s is an utter sham)… :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

Your Ponders

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