Day Four of Five… :)

Today’s Challenge;
Can’t Afford Thursday: Give up your phone for the day or be really hard and give up all electronics for the day e.g. kettle, vending machines, facebook… :D
Awareness Aim: What if you couldn’t afford all the luxuries we take for granted? What if you lived like the countless families who can barely afford to get by day to day. Can’t Afford Thursday is about giving up one, some or all of your luxuries so that you can fully appreciate both your good fortune and the difficulties of others.

I feel bad not contributing to the actual challenges but giving up electronics for today was never going to be able to happen due it being my degree. It really is so easy to take things for granted however. There are countless times I’ve complained about my phone being out of battery or my laptop not working, which makes me feel completely ridiculous right now. Since things are constantly breaking on me it really does make me appreciate them so much more though. Truly blessed :)

This all ends tomorrow and I’m sure the group are thankful. Sorry if it feels like im spamming you guys who read often but to donate to them for doing these daily challenges for charity the link’s ‘here‘ to give support…every small bit does count. Just one day left :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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