Further then my own wee world.

Day Three of Five… :)

Today’s Challenge;
Hearing and Sight Awareness Wednesday:
In association with Specsavers we will be exploring the needs of people with sensory disabilities.
Awareness Aim: This day is a huge series of demonstrations and activities designed for people to raise their awareness of living with a sensory disability such as deafness or blindness. While sometimes you can try to imagine it, you can’t fully understand life without these senses, this day will be thought provoking so get aware!

Today I decided I’d actually do the daily challenge to fully involve myself along with taking photos. For it I had to give up my hearing and go deaf for the day (or how deaf as specsavers would provide). Obviously a few short hours with a slight hearing impairment is of no comparison to someone with such a disability, but it gives a better understanding of their day to day life.

To start, the process of going deaf felt weird. It was as if I’d just been submerged in a pool of water, but instead of losing breath and bursting back to the surface, I stayed within that bubble like world, yet dry and on land. It was also like that annoying disconnection type feeling you get when just off a plane, right before your ears pop.. my ears never popped though, they stayed on mute.

I then had a lecture which I learned no more from then if I’d gone for a nap on a couch in the GMB. Putting aside the lack of oxygen and stuffiness of the room which was packed, the lecture was horrific. Concentration was nonexistent and my detachment most certainly put me to sleep (that along with insomnia). It was also beyond a distraction trying to adapt to the sound of my internal breathing.

A management tutorial directly after was also a shambles as conversing with my fellow engineers seemed to be impossible. The deafness had gotten worse as the mold to block out all sound seemed to have finally taken shape and therefore taken full effect. I was also completely frustrated with the whole ordeal of not being fully engaged with my surroundings. What added to such frustration was my whispering every word.. in my head it felt as if I was screaming at the top of my lungs. It was me saying what for them to say what right back. Catch 22. Disastrous!

At lunch eating was simply bizarre. All I could hear was my own mouths mechanical chewing and to converse with people i had to chow down my mouthful to stop and listen. This resulted in me giving up halfway through my sandwich, as it felt like I was eating completely alone even when being surrounded by others.

I then watched the Iron stomach which to be honest, I was greatful to be deaf and hungry for. Hearing the sounds of people vomit was gladly missed and watching such a grotesque scene was best done without food. I wretched, it was vile! With that said tho.. impressive stuff by the lads, they seriously have one hell of a food processor.

Finally I did what I was not supposed to do and left campus to go home since I had time before getting my ears unplugged… I was simply too hungry from my defeated lunch and was also gagging for some tea. Standing outside had made me so so cold.

Transport home was an interesting adventure as I had to be so much more aware then I usually am. I tend to float about and let my peripheral awareness lead me about. At this point I had gotten used to the hearing the silece of night whilst in the midst of day. It was somewhat peacefull while previously being so frustrating. Not having to hear phones beep, childeren cry was nice.

I can now hear and am so thankful. I missed listening to the sound of my friends voices, the wind blowing through my hair and the general ambiance which surrounds the city. I live in my own world most of the time as it is, so this was putting me completely into outer space.

Please do donate to the VDP and suport all those putting in an abundance effort and frustration. The link’s ‘here‘ and every small bit counts. Just think of the Karma… the glorious glorious Karma :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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