A slow day for a fast day.

Day Two of Five… :)

Today’s challenge;
Fast Tuesday: No eating for 24 hrs!
Awareness Aim: While college students sometimes feel as if they starve, it is in pale comparison to those who really are starving the world over. We hope that a day of fasting will remind people of their good fortune and make them remember those who go without for not just one day, but everyday.

I know this image doesn’t capture the fact that my friends right now are most likely ravishingly hungry, exceptionally cranky and unbelievably tired, but this is for two reasons;

(i) Many of my ideas went to pot. One of which had me trying so hard over the course of an hour to capture a single grain of rice falling, but my god those buggers are small and fall fast!! I love macro and also thought it would show how something so small adds to so much… this plan didn’t work, but god dam it i tried…


falling rice!!

(ii) I loved this clock and find the prettiness surrounding it ironic.. time for those who go without must be dark and anything but pastel. Time is also our greatest fortune and something we must never take for granted. Each hour, minute and second is the biggest gift we will ever have… it is a gift many lose too soon.

To donate to the VDP and suport all those putting in an abundance of hunger and pain, click ‘here‘. It means so much :)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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