Mass apologies on the most overdue post ive left to date. My friends have been oh so successfull in getting me out of the house and into the real world to have some form of a social life. To much time spent in-front of the screen is undoubtable unhealthy and now i have a world of material to share with you beautiful people… starting with my wonderful bobble hat, along with my face again construed in many ways. I simply don’t like to take myself to seriously, and i love this hat :P

Within the last week and a half Iv successfully somewhat organised my life together as best i can for this semester, starting with my room which is looking glorious. Paper has been recycled, old crap has been thrown out and belongings I no longer need have been gathered together to give to charity. I feel like I’ve just been reborn, someone get me holy water… and by holy water i obviously mean a can or some other form of delicious beverage!

Along with that achievement, my fully functioning laptop has been returned to me, yay! Its hardware is brand spanking new and the screen is as clean as a whistle. Having a usable disk drive back shall allow photos to be proccessed and published much closer to real time again, as at present my old busted zombie one had needed an external hard drive, collection of different memory cards and insane amount of dedication to go streaming through an abundance of folders, strewed about my technological world. HURRAH ;)

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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