Vivid Daydream in Daylight.

These are photos I took from behind the scenes at the shoot Vivid Daydream, which was featured in Spookmag on the 19th :)

It was a shoot done during the summer with the amazing photographer Ivana Patarcic to whome I’d been in awe over for a very long time. I was starstruck when she asked me to be in this shoot and without a doubt said yes before mentally bowing down at her feet. Her work is magical and her black and white photos especially are of epic proportions. I was originally scared that I’d be useless, as at the time I was recovering from a broken arm and hoped she’d be able to bare with my slight crippled nature. She did, hurrah :)

The full team on the day, along with Ivana, was Lisa Marie McCarroll (stylist), Terence Murphy (hair stylist) and Robert Hoary (make up artist). I was amazed at how fast they got everything together and just how fun they all were. Whilst hair and make-up were being done everyone was having the chats and although I’d never met the group before, they most certainly made me feel more then welcome.

Once I’d been all put together we went and shot for two hours down the cinematic lane way, along with having some photo fun with a buscar on Grafton St. We then all parted ways to head off to work and unfortunately the mighty hair had to come down. It was a seriously mighty style! Loved. It. Longtime.

Check them out on facebook. Procrastination is key… ;)

Ivana Patarčić Photography

Lisa Marie McCarroll

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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