Sunset Silhouettes

This is part two ‘of two‘ of my Sunset Christmas snaps…

I took these while driving back from our walk and loved the framing the car made for the silhouettes of the trees and houses we passed all with the glowing sunset sky shining light into the lens. Its quite surreal how a place I’ve passed so many times can become something of new find. I must, and will, go back in the full darkness of night to capture the many city lights :)

As for my wee December Days project, it has now come to an end which leaves me with more time for bigger posts with greater pictures. At some point in time I will do a 365 and take a photo a day every day for a year… but when I embark on such a journey is yet to be known even by me. Dam my indecisive nature… and degree!

Here’s to the first post of 2012…



Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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