Everything VDP

The last two weeks of college were an abundance of VDP festivities. I took photos, many photos, and tried frantically to get them all collaborative together in albums, up online before Christmas. Everyone involved had worked so hard and I badly wanted to show off there fabulous work for all the world to see .. but, all things technological just refused to correspond with such plans. They will however emerge on the VDP page as I sift through slowly… there was just, SO, MANY, PHOTOS!

Now, I have to say too that the people involved with the VDP society in college are some of the friendliest and most positive people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Everyone is always up for laughs, a good time, and simply being around them gives such amazing vibes. Even when manically stressed they maintained a glowing ora!

So, the following photos are just a few from the Christmas Panto (which was A TREAT) and gave me the possible thoughts in taking photos for theatrical events in the future.. stage lighting is simply the best ! Along with photos from the Ball, which was to celebrate all the years the VDP has been running… and to party… it’s always to party!!

To start with the panto, it was simply, UNREAL! The entire show was endlessly entertaining. The lines were gas and the characters kept to the light-hearted spirit that pantos are to be. All who were involved can be found ‘here‘ and major respect to the director, Karen Mulligan, who put on one hell of a show… Loved it!.. ;)

As for The Ball (ah, the ball).. It was gloriously jazzy in a way I’v never experienced before. It was genuinely as if I’d stepped into a time machine back to when the rat pack were kings. All the societies from way back to its beginning gathered together in which speaches were given by committe members including the current present Nick O’ Brien who’s doing one hell of a job with his team :) It was a night to be forever remembered, one filled with dinner, drinks and dancing… lots, and lots, of dancing!

Until next time,
– The girl with the [Train Tattoo]

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